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Sonia limbada Divorce Coach

I am Sonia Limbada – your Divorce Coach. I help divorcing women to take charge of their emotions and move forward confidently and amicably so that they can create the life they want and raise happy children.

This is my story… 


My passion for helping divorcing families began in the late ’90s when I started working for a law firm dealing with divorce cases. Day after day, I sat in on interviews with divorce clients(mainly women), who were numb, broken, anxious, and afraid for their and their children’s future – their life crumbling around them. It was obvious that they needed more than a legal advisor. The legal stuff was just a part of their divorce story – where did they go once the proceedings were finished? Who was showing them how to stop sobbing on the bathroom floor and cope better with their emotional pain or how to rebuild a new life for themselves now that their marriage was over? Sure, some of them went to therapy, but a therapist did not show them any of this. They weren’t teaching women how to get their confidence back or how to rediscover who they once were, or even how to find love again.


I knew I had to do something so in 2003, I qualified as a family solicitor (currently non-practicing) and vowed to help beyond just the legal issues. At that time coaching did not really exist so it was the only way that I could help. I went beyond the call of duty and carved a reputation for myself as a compassionate lawyer. Not only did I help clients with legal aspects of their divorce – I also inspired them to turn their divorce into an opportunity so they could stand in front of the mirror and feel proud of how they had taken charge of their life.

It gave me such a sense of purpose in my own life when I watched these clients go from people who had lost all desire or passion for life to people who were feeling fired up about their new single life– their divorce no longer dominating their thoughts or feelings. They no longer worried about or felt guilty about the impact on their kids because they had the confidence to support their children with the guidance I had given.


I worked as a divorce lawyer for over 17 years and I loved how my job allowed me to help so many people, but something was not quite right. The one thing that always niggled away at me was the adversarial approach of being a family lawyer. Most lawyers make divorce a win/lose process, but this was something that had never aligned with my own personal values – it is destructive to families and came at a huge cost to the children. When I started a family of my own, I grew more and more disheartened with this. I wanted to help my clients to reduce the conflict so that they could parent their children effectively and have a peaceful life – I certainly did not want to be responsible for escalating the arguments. So, my journey as a divorce coach began and I made the shift from being a lawyer to someone who now supports people to recover from their divorce and rebuild a life that makes them truly happy.


Do you want to get over your divorce? Do you want to know what it feels like to be happy again? Do you want to start building a new amazing life(better than the one you had before)? Well then GRAB MY FREE eBOOK and start today.  

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