Divorce Causing Cripplinng Heartbreak? 

Get Off the Bathroom Floor

Wipe Your Tears

And Let Me Help You To Get Back To That Happy, Bubbly Person You Once Were…

Take Control of Your Emotions
  • Do You Cry Yourself to Sleep and Struggle to Get Out Of Bed in the Morning (feels like there is no end in sight to these feelings)? 
  • Maybe you find yourself breaking down in tears when you least expect it (like when you’re walking the dog or the supermarket checkout).
  • Or, you find yourself spending evenings sitting at home (after the kids have gone to bed) eating buckets of ice cream and binge-watching TV?

If this is you, then stop hoping you will make it through this and take my First Aid For Your Heartbreak masterclass so you can feel better fast.  

Understand where you are in your emotional journey, why you are stuck & struggling to cope with your emotions, and why you cannot get through each day without tears….all in under an hour.

You’ll learn why you can’t seem to get past the pain you’re feeling and why small things seem to throw you off when you least expect it.

How Does it Work?

Join Me in a Virtual 45-Minute Coaching Masterclass

By the end of it you will know:

  • Why you are still hurting (it’s not what you think)
  • What lies ahead in your emotional journey
  • How to accelerate your coping, so that you don’t get stuck in crying (or bitterness), and can instead focus on pulling yourself together and rebuilding your self-esteem
  • Know exactly – in concrete, ‘tailored for you’ steps – what you can do immediately to feel and function better (don’t worry, one of these will only take 5 minutes) so you can:
    • Stop focusing on all your pain and anger
    • Get back to being the attentive mummy you used to be
    • Think straight at work & return to peak performance

If you sign up for my “First Aid For Your Heartbreak” masterclass today, I’m happy to give you a fast-action scholarship. The masterclass is normally £150 but you can get a £56 scholarship and get it for only £97.

“My ex unexpectedly declared that our marriage was over – in the middle of our weekly lunch date. I found it hard to breathe and shut myself off from the world. I was anxious all the time and felt sick when solicitors’ letters came through the door. It sounds extreme but Sonia saved my life.” M Ali

Need more help than just one session?

Let’s create a new, fabulously happy life for you and your children…

(yes it is possible for you)

Right now, you have two options:

Hide in my bed all day, every day, thinking the pain will never stop and you will never be happy again(how empowering for your ex)


Get tons of supports from me to get you to a place where you are fabulously happy, have knockout confidence(and know your own self-worth), & feel like an incredible single mum.

Time is not a healer – it won’t take away the money worries, the gut-wrenching loneliness, the overwhelm, the loss of confidence, the guilt that your kids come from a broken home, fear of never finding love again or being able to trust a man again.

If you want to put this divorce behind you and have a happy future – you have to take strategic steps to get there. In my Divorce Recovery Programme, I will show you what these steps are so you can go from the first moments of shock and grief to the process of letting go and rebuilding your life.

As you work through the programme, constant thoughts of your marriage and ex-husband will eventually lose their profound power over you and you will be able to focus on yourself and your children, without getting that sick feeling that you had in the months after your husband left.

I know the prospect of rebuilding your life seems like a mammoth task, that’s why you will get tons of personal attention from me to get you through the recovery process. This programme is not just a set of videos for you to follow at home in the corner of your bedroom. I will work closely with you in one-to-one sessions so I can give you all the support and encouragement you need to keep the momentum.

Building a fabulously happy future does not mean you have to overwhelm yourself either. I know right not you have enough on your plate so I will break down the steps for you into manageable chunks so you can zig zag your way up that huge mountain one step at a time. Each small step will take you one step forward towards a compelling future that you are excited to live.


‘Divorce Recovery Programme’ is my simple 5 Step System which I use to help women to release the pain and heal from their divorce so that they can take their life in the direction they want it to go.

STEP 1 – HEAL (Take Charge of Emotions)

We start with dealing with your emotions because right now you may be feeling out of control and finding it almost impossible to think straight. To avoid this, we will spend time working through exercises that will help calm you through this difficult transition and help you focus, so that you can move past the heartbreak and have the strength to make smart decisions about the house, the kids, and your future.

STEP 2 – LET GO (Move Forward Positively & Amicably)

To live a happy and fulfilling life, you must learn to let go of the past. I will show you how to release past pain, anger, and resentment so that you can reduce conflict with your ex and get into a peaceful state of mind.

STEP 3 – REBUILD (Move Forward Confidently)

A key to overcoming your divorce and gaining more control is to boost your self-confidence. I am going to show you how to end the nagging self-doubt in your head and reframe your thinking, so you feel good about who you are, trust in your own abilities and become more resilient.

STEP 4 – TRANSFORM (Create the Life You Want)

To complete your divorce recovery journey and transform yourself you will need to assess what is working in your life and what needs to change. During our sessions, we will identify the small, manageable steps you can take (like researching a class you would like to take, signing up to a dating agency or updating your look) so you can get out of your comfort zone and go for the things you really want in your life.

STEP 5 –TUNE INTO YOUR KIDS (Raise Happy Children)

Divorce does not have to be hard on your kids. In this step, we will identify practical parenting strategies you can use to reassure your children that even though the dynamics of the family are changing, they are still loved. The result? The peace of mind that comes from knowing you are truly doing your best, being a great parent, and doing all you can to raise healthy, happy, and well-adjusted children.

What is Included…

  • 13 x 45minute one-to-one private coaching sessions via phone or video conference (You get personal support no matter where you are without having to travel or take time off work). Sessions are delivered over 5-6 months.

  • Unlimited Support through Email/Text in between sessions (so you never feel alone)

  • Concrete, easy-to-implement Techniques, and Strategies to help you with your journey

  • A personal divorce recovery action plan: This is your bespoke action plan that we will build over the course of the programme. It will be tailored to your own situation and provide you with the momentum you need to achieve long-lasting positive changes.

Ready to Build Your Fabulously Happy Future?

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“Sonia really helped me to overcome the emotional rollercoaster of my second divorce. I had two small children and I struggled to cope. Having received support from Sonia, I have created a support network around me, and I am on my way to my ideal life.” Sunita